If you’re a K-12 educator or administrator, you know that Personalized Learning is the hottest educational trend across North America right now.

Reflecting recent insights from neuroscience and counseling psychology and new developments in social media and technology, Personalized Learning is poised to offer all students opportunities to be successful, and educators opportunities to nurture learning in all students in ways they’ve dreamed of for years.

Leveraging its award-winning expertise, SelfDesign Foundation is launching a ‘Personalized Learning Academy’ this summer (2017) in which participants will

  • Gain leading-edge insights into Personalized Learning (PL) from researchers, experienced educators and administrators, students and parents.
  • Learn how to begin implementing mastery-level approaches to PL in their classrooms, schools and districts

SelfDesign Foundation’s Personalized Learning Academy team will be led by Michael Maser, a 28-year, award-winning educator and author, specializing in K-12 Personalized Learning.

To learn more about the Personalized Learning Academy’s summer course, and why you should register for it, free information webinar is being scheduled for April 2017.


If you are interested in attending SelfDesign Foundation’s free upcoming webinar on learning about and implementing Personalized Learning in your school or district, please complete this brief form:

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